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For many business’s their old PBX has served them well, hasn’t it? But times have changed and outdated communication systems — like onsite PBX — can kill productivity, teamwork and cost business’s more than they think.

In all likelihood, it’s already paid for. So, companies have a certain incentive to stick with it.

Many companies are looking at ways to protect themselves with disaster recovery solutions that will maintain business continuity during equipment failures. The solution? A virtual PBX aka hosted telephony.

Below are five of many reasons illustrating why ditching an onsite PBX is a smart move and why to switch over to a hosted platform:

  1. Eliminate disjointed, inefficient multi-vendor communications

How many invoices do you have? One for your line rental, One for the PBX maintenance, another for any software upgrades, another for your call recording, another for your call costs? Plus, many more if you’re a conferencing and video conferencing user. By moving to a hosted platform, you can reduce your suppliers down to one, streamlining your business and most likely saving money.

  1. Easily scale communications as your business grows

Hosted PBX systems can easily expand or contract; it’s simply a matter of changing to a different pricing plan.

Need to add a new user or several as you maybe growing a department? With a hosted system this is simple and can take a matter of minutes. With an onsite PBX this may not be so simple and there will be many factors involved including physical labour as part of the process!

  1. Add new communications features your business needs to survive and thrive

Hosted PBX is a great option for SMBs, low budgets, or companies that do not want to dedicate time and resources to the phone system. Cloud PBX systems have lower costs and simple monthly payments. They are simple and easy to use and the provider will manage all maintenance, upgrades, and expansions.

  1. Gain critical visibility and insight into your communications.

Hosted PBX’s can provide companies with a plethora of valuable information as part of the solution. Analytics for companies who operate contact centres are crucial to the growth and progression of their teams.

  1. Maintain communications at all times, even during unforeseen disasters and events.

With hosted telephony your supplier is in charge of (and responsible for) your system’s security. That means it’s safer than it would be in your own hands, on your site. Disaster recovery plans and physical security in your provider’s data centre will ensure that your hosted PBX is fully protected

It may be painful to contemplate, but the reality is that your PBX is not going to get better with age. In today’s ultracompetitive environment, maintaining the status quo is no longer an option. Compared to your existing system, cloud communications are extremely cost effective, low risk, feature-rich, and far simpler to manage and use. And unlike your PBX, a cloud-based system ensures your communications are always available, even during disasters.

It’s time to leave your outdated technology behind and explore the many competitive advantages of hosted telephony.

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