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The mobile phone has come to be one of, if not ‘the’ most valuable and essential work tools anyone can have, and the average person checks their mobile phone more than 50 times a day.

So, you can imagine the frustration and headache employees will give their IT departments if their phone stops working, or they break their screen, or that they cannot get a mobile signal where they are and need to make an urgent phone call.

Life is not so rosy for the IT department then is it?

Therefore, organisations must tread very carefully when choosing which Business Mobile Provider is right for them, and they must remember to look at all aspects of the business mobile provider, as just because a provider is cheap in pricing does not mean they are the right provider for you.

Of course, cost is important to the Finance Director and their bottom line, so we must not discount shopping around for a good deal. It is often a minefield understanding the comparison of costs between providers and their different tariff’s whether minutes are bundled in or not, what data bundle to go for and who is giving the most hardware fund to buy new equipment. Always select a provider who makes the costs transparent and easy to understand. One who is clear in their ability to highlight the headline costs, but also the hidden out of bundle charges, international and roaming charges.

However, we must not forget service is truly important.

There is no point choosing the cheapest provider if your handset breaks and it takes a week to get you a new one. Or if you cannot get a signal on your device and it takes hours of listening to the ‘on hold music’ before you get through to a random customer service agent most likely in a different country. Or your bills don’t make any sense and there is no reporting provided to help you understand your usage.

So, whilst cost should be considered seriously, companies really need to select a company that places service and customer excellence as one of their core fundamental principles. One that goes the extra mile to ensure customers are delighted with their service and above all trust their Mobile Telecoms provider to look after them with a personal touch.

With a client churn rate of less than 1% in the market, Trinity Maxwell’s excellence in customer service speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on a bespoke, concierge level of service whereby we have 1-2-1 customer service agents responsible for each customer, direct lines and emails into actual people not a general enquiry email inbox, and response rates of under 1 hour to respond to customers.  As a result, we don’t lose any of our customers once they are with us, because they see the value in being made to feel special,  given the service they so rightly deserve.

Wouldn’t you rather work with an organisation like Trinity Maxwell who get back to personally out of hours when the emergency hits?

If this sounds like an organisation you are looking for then please contact us to find out more on 0203 137 8450.
We promise we’ve got your back.

With Trinity Maxwell the answer is always yes.

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