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We all know cost is a critical decision in which mobile telecoms provider you choose to go with and there is always pressure each contract resign to reduce the spend and save money. But we know this is quite often counterproductive to what the organisation is trying to achieve, as the cheapest can often lead to more hassle than you bargained for!
Here are some other factors you need to consider when making your choice.

1. Customer Service
Let’s say your broadband connection fails, or you are in a foreign country and you cannot get your data to work on your phone – you’re going to need to speak to someone on the phone who can resolve the issue, and resolve it fast. The cheapest provider may well mean you don’t have direct access to a customer service agent and be on hold for hours or have to raise an online ticket, or worse still only be available to help in business hours.
Gauge your provider’s response time before using their service. If they don’t answer the phone within a reasonable amount of time, rule them out immediately.
Find out where the call centre is based. If it’s not in the UK you could discover there are ongoing issues with communication.
Test their advisors’ knowledge. Do they understand the products they sell in detail? Can they explain the company’s price plans? Are they able to answer basic technical questions without hesitation or checking with another team-member/supervisor?
2. Locality of Provider
It’s extremely important to research your prospective mobile or telephony provider before working with them. They may be 50% cheaper than their nearest competitor, and might even answer the phone within five rings, but do they have the necessary infrastructure in place to support your business? Will they drop a replacement phone into you within the working hour just to be helpful because your CEO needs one? It’s no good being able to get straight through to someone if they have no available engineers to solve your problem.
If your mobile or telephony provider is not local to you, can they conduct regular account management meetings, can they solve your problems within a matter of hours rather than days and can they even repair your phone within an hour of you damaging it?

Choose Trinity Maxwell for the right reasons

Trinity Maxwell pride themselves in doing more than the above, hence why we have a sub 1% client churn rate ever, compared to the industry average of 15% – 17% yearly! This ethos is part of the core of our success!
Not only do we pave the way in customer service for our industry, but we provide some of the most detailed reporting known.
To hear more please contact us on 0203 137 8450 or email enquires@trinitymaxwell.com and we’ll show you how special you are to us and how good service can be!

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