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We provide telecoms services to companies across a wide range of fields – especially in the City of London.

Our exceptional service levels are underlined by a 99% client retention rate.

Read our case studies of how we’ve helped clients boost their performance and make savings. See their testimonials on the experience of working with us.

And find out more about our track record in our primary sectors. Just bear in mind these aren’t the only sectors we support: we also have experience in software, retail and property, to name a few.

We have considerable experience in financial services, having advised companies including brokers Price Forbes & Partners, trading services firm Tower Trading Group and insurers Chaucer and Sompo Japan.

The finance sector is undergoing massive change. There’s an important need for greater transparency and transaction recording to build trust and meet regulations.

The complexity of the market is also increasing, with a shifting trading landscape of whom you can transact with and a move towards digital payments which are often outside institutions’ direct control.

We can work with you to address these challenges, including helping you record your phone conversations and reporting on all your devices for more transparent auditing.

Read how we’ve helped the following:


We’ve teamed up with best-of-breed partners to help media and marketing companies such as Pageant, Cobra Group and ATG Media become more effective and efficient.

We’ve come to understand the challenges facing this market – issues including:

  • audience measurement
  • tracking return on investment
  • finding and retaining the best people
  • managing costs
  • a fragmented market & increased competition from other disciplines
  • miscommunication between client, agency & media

In particular, many media companies operate globally across dispersed offices and this brings its own costs and pressures.

To help reduce the expense and time of travelling between offices, we can provide state-of-the-art conferencing facilities that make you feel you’re right with the people you’re talking to – regardless of where you are in the world.

We can also help minimise your roaming costs, wherever you need to travel.

Find out how we’ve helped these marketing and media companies boost their performance:


2008 marked the start of a challenging economic climate for consultancy services. But the global market grew by $34bn to $415bn during 2015 and now stands in a relatively strong position.

And organisations are becoming more willing to commission consulting projects once more, as long as they see the likelihood of a good return.

Find out how we’ve helped the following consulting firms run more efficient and effective operations:


The manufacturing and construction sectors have experienced tough times recently. But, for forward-thinking, well-managed companies, there are big opportunities ahead.

We can help you – as we have companies such as Dentsply, Frenco, Daniel Connal Partnership and The Journey Group.

We can enable you, for example, to track where all your equipment is on any given site, and to monitor how effectively it’s performing. This can significantly reduce downtime due to broken machinery or scheduled maintenance visits as we can provide this information in real time.

We can also help you cut unnecessary costs, particularly your expenditure on mobile telecoms, enabling you to be more competitive and profitable.

Read how we’ve helped the following companies:


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