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The Internet of Things is the intelligent connection of objects & devices to share & manage information without the need for human intervention.

It’s often also known as Machine to Machine (M2M) services. This video from Intel gives a simple overview:

Harnessing this technology can provide continual feedback on the efficiency of your equipment and other relevant data which can dramatically improve your performance and cut your costs.

We’ve teamed up with Zest4 to provide the ultimate M2M solution encompassing a management portal, connectivity services and billing system which delivers:

Data Connectivity

Visibility & Control

The primary features of our M2M solution are:

  • management of your entire estate of SIMs
  • the ability to track SIM usage individually, by sub-estate or across your entire estate
  • SIM self-provisioning
  • monitoring of data alerts & caps
  • enhancement of SIM security
  • API integration
  • global roaming SIM cards
  • cost effective tariff structures
  • improved coverage

Get in touch to discuss how we could help the Internet of Things transform your business efficiency.

We work with two highly recommended m2m partners:

Zest4 – a leading provider of Unified Communications solutions across the UK, with Zest4 we can offer you a complete range of solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

Arkessa – enabling Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) connections, we’ll work together to create and manage connections to fit all requirements with first rate customer service.


M2M use cases

Use-based insurance

Pay your car insurance based on how you drive, not what you drive!
Pay your car insurance based on how you drive, not what you drive!

Digital signage

Motorway signs that warn of hazards
Motorway signs that warn of hazards

Luggage tracking

Track your bags from your mobile
Track your bags from your mobile