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Want to:

  • eliminate ‘bill shock’?
  • secure your devices & data?
  • gain full visibility & control of apps?
  • reduce data use by up to 50%?

We’ve joined forces with Wandera to offer the best all-in-one mobile solution on the market, providing:

Wandera’s pioneering web gateway for mobile provides organizations with Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management.

A recognized leader in the space, Wandera’s security solution includes Mobile Threat Defense, designed to identify vulnerabilities and protect devices from targeted mobile attacks. Powerful Content Filtering features extend this protection by allowing organizations to manage unapproved device usage and reduce data exposures on a proactive basis.

Wandera’s data management services harness a similar set of technologies to give businesses control of their mobile data usage. With unparalleled visibility into how work-assigned devices are being used, admins can create bespoke policies that reduce data consumption, prevent bill shock and improve productivity.

Wandera’s technology is powered by MI:RIAM, a proprietary intelligence engine that detects and prevent zero-hour attacks by applying machine learning to the industry’s largest and most varied real-time mobile data set.

Mobile security

Next generation mobile security

Mobile threats are continuing to evolve and your devices face an increasing risk of being compromised. Our proactive multi-level security goes beyond traditional EMM to detect zero-day threats and enable automatic policy based remediation. We also identify risk exposures from data leaks and anomalous user activity. Your dashboard combines threat and device alerts, aggregate views, and global network insights.

Threat Defense:

Multi-level protection keeping your mobile fleet safe from threats, vulnerabilities and data leaks.

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • App Scans
  • Device behavioral anomalies
  • Network security

Content Filtering:

Control which sites and applications are accessible via corporate devices, minimizing exposure to untrustworthy domains.

  • Limit exposure to leaks
  • Block risky domains
  • Reduce likelihood of malware
  • Restricts suspicious behavior

Data management features:

Expense management:

Gain the the ability to not only understand what’s driving your next data bill, but how to control it too.

  • Limit data-hungry services
  • Real-time data compression
  • Set caps and threshold alerts
  • Restrict usage when roaming

Policy enforcement:

Understand usage patterns and enforce rules about which behaviors, sites and apps are considered acceptable.

  • Fully customisable
  • Wi-Fi Boost productivity
  • Reduce legal liability

Why Wandera?

Unique architecture:

Wandera stands alone in offering enterprise mobile security and data usage management in real-time, monitoring and controlling the use of data through an industry-leading web gateway designed specially for mobile.

  • 67% Of unprotected firms will encounter a major mobile data breach next year.
  • 30% Typical data cost savings with data usage management in place.

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