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Make sure your business is up to date with all the latest cyber security software and tools.

Making email safer for business

The demand for access to information anywhere & anytime is exploding, and companies are finding it harder to protect corporate data from leaving their secure network.

How are you managing this within your business?

We’re noticing that companies are concerned about what the next few years will mean in terms of compliance and governance of data, and how they can protect themselves against ant future risks.

How is your business battling through this challenge?

The challenge

91% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear-phishing. Your organisation can’t afford a disruption to business operations, breaches cost millions and destroy reputations. You dread having to explain to customers and the media how sensitive information got into the wrong hands. Protecting against routine spam, viruses and malware is important, but you also need help responding to new threats and challenges that your current security infrastructure just wasn’t designed for.

Trinity Maxwell works closely with award winning partner Mimecast to deliver Email Security, Archiving and Business Continuity, and coupled with our concierge level of service we deliver world class and unparalleled solution to our clients.


  • Anti-spam & anti-virus
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Data leak prevention & encryption


  • 7 second SLA search & retrieval
  • E-discovery & compliance
  • Flexible policy based retention


  • Email is on even when your server isn’t
  • No redundant infrastructure to manage
  • Any device, anywhere, anytime access

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